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And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

TecDeTox is a vision, of a group of enthusiastic people, who were always fascinated towards the tech world. We would like to bring forward all the tech info we can muster, to help people in this era of technology. We absolutely love what we do and believe that our devotion to our work is reflected in each and every one of the articles published in this website. We will fight tooth and nail against the toxicities spreading around the tech world. We are here to DeTox!

Sachin G Raj

Managing Editor

A mechanical engineer by profession and tech enthusiast by passion, the world of technology has always been one of Sachin’s strongholds. Have been following the advancements in the tech world for a long time.


Executive Editor

A free mind, traveller and an art enthusiast. Sabari is an open minded person who’s willing to explore beyond his knowledge. He is a talented content crafter, product reviewer and an all-around digital guy. Movies, music, tech and books are what keeps him going.

David Babu Varghese

Senior Editor & PR Lead

Mihran Thalhath

Head of Operations - Phone

A Computer Science Engineer with a serious crush on Android. He has been working on custom ROMs and custom kernels for the Android devices he use and have contributed a lot to the community. He is the go-to-guy for anything and everything related to Android.

Anaswar V Rajan

Head of Operations - Gaming

Sidharth Anilkumar

Designer & Social Media Manager

The God of Mischief in TecDeTox team! He is highly obsessed with Marvel’s films and Iron Man, often lurks around collecting bits and bytes of movie infos. A tech and science lover, and a guy who can’t live without smartphones. People call him “Sid”.

Anirudh Puthiyapurayil


Secondary School Commerce student. A Hardcore petrolhead by passion. Has great affinity towards Music, Travelling, Food and Tech!

Jerin Jolly

PR Manager

Allen Raju

Social Media Manager

A social media ninja. Started surfing social media out of sheer curiosity, now a Pro in social media marketing. Allen is a tech enthusiast, meme lover and an ardent fan of Barcelona FC.

Sangeeth K S

Social Media Manager

Vineeth Chandran

Senior Developer

Vineeth is a content writer and web designer who spends most of his time to research about smartphones, internet, technology and cinema. Internet marketing expert by day and WordPress fanatic by night. When not in front of a back-lit device, he may be busy playing with his younger siblings.

Basith Rahman PP

News Writer

This CA student is a tech evangelist and a gadget devotee who works with and talks about latest technologies. Basith, being a techie since childhood is a traveller, foodie and an art enthusiast.

Bazed Ali

News Writer

A Diploma student in Computer, who is really crazy about CBR’s. Even though he is an auto-enthusiast, he is much infatuated towards the tech world. He is also interested in drawing and arts, music, journeys and football.


News Writer

Bonny Kochuparambil

News Writer

A tech stalwart whose phoenix feathers are gadgets, a revolutionist whose fingertips are magical as a programmer and the Harry Potter of this series is Mr. Bonny Thomas, a second year BCA student. He is a good seeker for innovative ideas and technology who drives his fire-bolt to win the quidditch match in expertise flashing Custom ROMs on Android.

Devdatt N Pai

News Writer

Obsessed with technology since a young age, Devdatt is an avid techie and an Android fan. Moreover, Devdatt is the youngest member of TecDeTox. He simply loves sarcasm and dank memes. Gotta say, he’s the fun-maker in our team and keeps the situation lively.

Anis Noorudheen

News Writer

A final year BE Electronics student who has a passion and love for Android. He has been developing custom ROMs for multiple devices, a part of CrDroidAndroid Project and has contributed a lot to the community. Well versed about Android and everything related to it. Now he is working on his own Android ROM.

Abhijith Suresh


Abhijith is a passionate blogger & a tech enthusiast. He started his journey in blogging in 2014, but has been forever an enthusiast in Tech. His whole life revolves around tech. He is the founder of two renowned blogs, OnPhones and GadgetRaid!

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