5G is the next big thing in the current mobile phone circle. Everyone is now in to 5G as already Xiaomi announced MI MIX 3 will have a 5G variant in Q1 of 2019.

As per the new reports Apple is planning to launch their first 5G phone by 2020 having an Intel modem. Intel is now back with Apple to provide newer 5G modems after the tension these two companies had previously due to the heat dissipation problems of old Intel 8060 modems.

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Apple will be using Intel’s newer 8161 modems built on 10nm process in its 5G phones as per the reports by the American business magazine Fast Company. Intel is expected to become Apple’s only baseband chip supplier for 5G phones. Intel reported that its 10nm chips will be ready for mass production only by 2020.

Moto Z3 with 5G mod

4G LTE is the latest standard in the industry, everyone has adapted to it. 5G is said to be a huge improvement over 4G as its said to be having a speed of 100 gigabits per second comparing to the maximum speed of 200 mbps in 4G.

Currently there are numerous companies testing 5G across the world. Qualcomm, Intel, and Huawei are working on 5G modems with Nokia, Samsung, Lenovo, Ericsson, ZTE, etc. and the network providers like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc. are employing 5G broadbands in test locations. Ooredo launched 5G in Qatar in May 2018 for the first time in the world for commercial use.

In india, Jio and Airtel is working on 5G. Airtel is working with Huawei and Jio with Ericsson to make 5G available in India by 2019. They are testing it at various locations with 5G broadband.

As 5G is at an early stage it will take time to deploy it on a commercial level. So the plan of Apple to make 5G phones by 2020 will make sense by then. Normally Apple is slow at adapting to technologies like this, as their 3G and 4G phones came after all other phone manufacturers adapted it.

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As of now, Xiaomi already forayed into 5G era with the announcement of Mi MIX 3 and Motorola with a 5G mod powered Moto Z3. So we can expect more OEMs announcing 5G phones by 2019.

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