Samsung is working on opening up Bixby to developers, allowing third-parties to create features and extend adaptability for the virtual assistant. Samsung hopes to catch up with Amazon and Google with this in the ecosystem market initiated by Apple.

The company’s Bixby-powered smart speaker, Galaxy Home, still does not have a solid release date. Samsung is all set make an announcement at the Samsung Developers Conference next week, as per reports from the Wall Street Journal. It’s expected Samsung will open up Bixby for development by third-parties.

By opening up doors to developers, Samsung could turn Bixby into a major competitor to Alexa and Google Assistant

The Bixby Voice Assistant had our attention when it made its debut with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. Since then, it has improved a lot and has some handy features up its sleeves. But, still it has been only playing catch up with its forerunners from Google and Apple, which Samsung tends to overturn by this move.

With opening doors to developers, Samsung might be hoping to go head to head with the likes of Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. But it is still a humongous task for the technology giant to take on the likes of Google and Amazon in their own ground. Samsung wants Bixby in every device it sells, whether you like it or not. Samsung will show at the Developer’s Conference, how developers can create “capsules” for Bixby, which sounds a lot like what Amazon is doing with Alexa. These Skills enable Alexa to perform tasks the way u set them.

Bixby is way behind when it comes to popularity among the general consumers. But, there’s this fact that Samsung sells over 500 million consumer electronic products every other year. It would be interesting to see every single one of those products receiving Bixby integration, which Samsung plans to do by 2020.

As Samsung is planning on such a move, we expect them to announce a release date for their Galaxy Home speakers. From the first time we tried the Bixby, we were fascinated by what it could do. But it wasn’t as polished and simple as its competition. We would like to see more of Bixby as it evolves.

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At the Developer Conference, we are also expecting Samsung to make some announcement regarding the foldable smartphone they have been working on for some time now. Bixby has not yet received the appreciation it deserves. We hope this move by Samsung will change it for the better. Hope to see more of Bixby from Samsung.

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