It has been some time since flipkart.com, one of the online retailer giants in India started their own “refurbished” electronics marketplace, namely 2gud.com. I have seen many reputed tech youtubers themselves praising the site and doing collabs with them. This inspired a lot of confidence in me to trust in the site and I decided to try it out.

I have ordered a ‘Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm’ from the website www.2gud.com on 1st of September 2019. I was told that the product will be delivered on 4th of September. I waited till 5th of September and still, let alone the product being delivered, it has not even been shipped! It is still showing “order received” status. You’re probably going to tell me to call the customer care, right? Well, now begins a shady story.

Day 1:

I began contacting them from 3rd of September because my product was supposed to be shipped on 1st September and it did not. Now, this is not an unusual situation, right? Product shipping might get delayed from promised date every now an then,right? Well, the shady part begins now. In the ‘contact us’ section of 2gud.com, there is no option to call them. There was no option to request a call back either. Another option that was available; “chat with us” had no response, i.e, that wasn’t working too. So I chose the only option available at that time which was ‘Email us’. I sent them an email regarding my issue on 3rd September. I was told that I would receive information in 24 hours. A whole day passed and there was no reply.

Day 2:

By common logic, I contacted flipkart customer care on 4th september. But to my disappointment, they said they cannot provide information about 2gud purchases. But they sent me a link to the same ‘contact us’ page of 2gud. I was furious that they just gave me something that I already tried. To my surprise though, on the exact same page, a ‘call me back’ appeared out of nowhere. I did it and got call from (supposedly) a 2gud customer service executive. When the phone rang, the truecaller app kept showing the id as “Flipkart”. I told the executive my issue and he asked me to wait till 6th of September, not for my product to be delivered, but to get “some information” about the product. They also told me only after the expected delivery date, they can proceed with further actions. So I waited another day.

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Day 3:

On 5th of September, I tried to contact them, and again the call me back option was gone. I contacted flipkart again, asked for their ‘special’ link and got back the option enabled again. I received a call on 11 AM. I told the entire story to the person again. He informed me that a “senior” executive will contact me within one hour. I waited for two hours and nothing of that sort happened. So I requested another call back. Another “junior” executive called me,who again asked me to wait another hour, upon explaining the situation. I waited again, in vain, and called back again. This time I told insisted to connect me to a senior executive. After around half an hour of arguing, at 3 PM, the call was transferred to a senior executive. But I got the same response to wait till 6th September, just to get “information” about my order.

I have had enough by then and decided to raise a complaint to the National Consumer Helpline. They asked me to provide the company’s email address and contact number. That is when I noticed another strange thing. Upon searching for their email address and contact number, but they haven’t mentioned it anywhere in their site. So I contacted the customer care again. They said that they don’t have a contact number, which was bad but excusable. But they also said they don’t have an email address either!

So what I take away from this incident is that before considering to buy anything from 2gud.com, remember Flipkart takes no responsibility for 2gud.com as they are a seperate company, and 2gud as a company doesn’t even have their own email address for you to contact or to register a complaint against them in the National Consumer Helpline!

Here are some screenshots related to the order concerned:

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