After 3 months of classic Erangel, stealthy Sanhok and hawk-eyed Miramar, Season 3 in PUBG Mobile is pretty much at its conclusion. The first ever Royale Pass season officially ended yesterday, and we’re at the doorway to the Season 4.

And, Tencent has some new content for us in the Season 4. Let’s check out their update notes:

What’s new:

  • Added M762 automatic rifle, available in all maps.
  • Added new Sanhok vehicle: Scooter
  • Added dynamic weather to Sanhok
  • Added hardcore mode to provide the same experience as PC.

Royale Pass Season 4

  • Added more firearm finishes, rare outfits, new character faces and hairstyles.
  • Fine-tuned the redemption feature.
  • Added Mission Cards.
  • Added an event where packs are discounted heavily during Black Friday.
  • Increased the odds of certain crate drops.

The best part is, server won’t go offline this time, and the update will be pushed to the servers in the background. Basically, this one is more of an in-game update, rather than updating the game as whole. Many players have been receiving an in-game update today, of around 137MB.

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The former Halloween theme has now been removed, and the game has returned to its classic theme. As the update notes say, dynamic weather is now available in the Sanhok, and we can now experience rain, foggy morning etc. with the corresponding sound effects. Along with it, we’ll also see a new vehicle called Scooter in the same. The biggest attraction of this update is the M762, the new gun of AR type, which will be available throughout all the maps. MT762 uses the 7.62mm bullets and has a burst mode and single mode, which could be selected as preferred by the players.

In the new “Hardcore mode”, available among other Arcade modes, players are put in the Erangel to experience an insane amount of gameplay, where step sounds and audio cues are removed to resemble the PC experience. This mode will be available periodically in the form of “Hardcore Week”. Also, the Season 4 Royale Pass offers more outfits and skins than previous time, and packs will be heavily discounted during the Black Friday.

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