Finally, a ‘true’ Call Of Duty game has arrived for the mobile platforms. It’s Call Of Duty: Legends of War, we’re speaking of, and it’s available for beta testing. The game is now soft launched in Australia, and it is available at the Play Store.

Under the supervision of Activision, this game is now brought to us by the Tencent Games, the same developer behind the PUBG Mobile and CrossFire: Legends. Leaked photos of an alleged COD mobile game had been around a couple of months ago, and it seems like the leaks were speaking the truth. Those screenshots were exactly from Legends of War, except the fact that the screenshots featured Chinese language, whereas the actual version of the game loads to an english interface by default.

So, we decided to grab a copy and see it for ourselves and now that brings us to this.

Getting Started

If you want to give it a try, you can download the game over here. The APK is a 67MB file, and the OBB file is around 1.05GB in size. Install the APK first, which is of the version 1.0.0, and extract the zip containing the obb file to /Android/obb/com.activision.callofduty.shooter. Make sure that the obb file (main.156.com.activision.callofduty.shooter.obb) is in the com.activision.callofduty.shooter folder. Now open the game, and enjoy!


It’s a true 5v5 FPS game, unlike the MMO games like PUBG Mobile. We have seen a lot of FPS titles like Bullet Force and Critical OPs, but, Legends of War gives a different experience. After selecting the login method and username, the game opens up to a tutorial screen. A guy named Simon Riley, who is probably our commander, guides us about the controls, and how to kill our enemies. In multiplayer, we have 4 sub-modes to play on: Frontline, Search and Destroy, Team Deathmatch, and Free for all. There are 4 loadouts too, and we get to choose from the 4 maps available: Crossfire, Hijacked, Killhouse, Nuketown. My first try was in Team Deathmatch, where most of the players are just bots. The Search and Destroy, and Frontline are much more fun to play, because the number of bots over there are comparatively lesser. Now, we also have a single player story mode, where we have some random missions. In these missions, we are pitted against some zombies, and completing each levels unlock different things like mag and badges.

It has an auto firing feature, which is something I disapprove. It makes the game more simpler. A manual fire button can be enabled from the settings, but isn’t worth doing as the opponents may keep the autofire going. The game is overall fluid, but occasional stutters and frequent broken and unclear audios ruined the gameplay experience. But we can’t complain, as the game is actually in a beta and we can expect these to be fixed when the stable version rolls out.

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In terms of graphics, we cannot actually compare this to the PUBG Mobile, as both the games are of entirely different genres rather than just two shooter games. FPS games with much smaller play area, needs to deliver intense detailing in the environment, and despite being highly unoptimized, Legends of War does this without any hiccups.

But, the graphics at different maps gives us different experiences and this doesn’t give us a proper notion of the overall graphics delivered by the game. Some maps look too good, while some aren’t that intense. This may change according to user’s perspective, but this is our take on the graphics experience of the game. The game offers 5 graphic levels, and 5 frame rates, in which you may choose the right configurations according to your phone’s specifications. Apart from the stutters, glitches are absent. A mid-range phone should be able to run the game in Very High settings, and at Very High frame rates.


Inspite of being in beta, Legends of War proves to be a great FPS game. Intense graphics and unmatched gameplay is what it has got  to offer, and it won’t let you down in any means. There are lot of content yet to arrive in the game, and collectively, all this will gives us a better experience in its upcoming stable releases.

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