We all update our apps on day to day basis, and one of the problems we face is that the app closes while it gets updated. If we are using an app and if it is getting updated in the background the app will close by its own even if we are using it. It irritates us all, that an app closes on its own while we are on to some important stuff.

Well now Google has come up with a solution for this. As per the reports the newer API will support updates without closing the apps. It will have 2 kind of modes, one which temporarily pauses everything and updates the app and resumes where we stopped. The other is that the app will continue its updates in the background without affecting the foreground usage without any closing of apps.

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We have no dates on implementation of this in apps. However the developers will get their hands on this soon from Google. It is expected to launch with android Q as one of the major update. We hope it gets implemented soon so that we will be free of on less headache.

Sangeeth K S

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