WhatsApp VP confirmed that WhatsApp will start showing ads in its status tab. Earlier in August 2018 Facebook VP announced that Facebook-owned WhatsApp will start showing ads but he didn’t announced where it will come and when.

Now WhatsApp vice president Chris Daniels has suggested that its status feature could be the place to show those posts. That will be the “primary monetization mode for the company”, The Economic Times reported Mr Daniels as saying. It will serve as “an opportunity for businesses to reach people”, he said.

The app will be still free to use and will remain end to end encrypted. The original founders WhatsApp were always resistant to ads but as of now WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. There will be charges for these ads.He also added that this will be the primary source of monetization for the company.

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WhatsApp introduced status which was the stories feature in Instagram & Snapchat. Later it spread into Facebook too. Currently 450 million people’s are using that feature which is more than than that of Snapchat. This feature gets more attraction because everyone is using Whatsapp but not Instagram and Snapchat. As far as women’s considered privacy is important to them. Even we can create a private account in Instagram, but there are many ways to view that profile, profile image, etc.. But here we can control what all information that the public should see.

The company claimed that ads will never interrupt your communication. But the status feature will effect. Well they had found a solution for this, the users will be able to slide marketing posts between updates of friends. This is the method in Instagram too that we can slide the ads and see updates of our friends.

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