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There was a bunch of people who were active in almost every tech platforms there are. They got acquainted by discussing, debating or sometimes fighting in these platforms. The one thing that they had in common was their love for technology, be it phones, computers, software, games or whatever. One fine day, they decided to form a WhatsApp group for themselves so that they could take their discussions there and further grow their knowledge and understanding of the tech space. They have strong fact based opinions and arguments in any tech debate. They disprove misconceptions and fake info based on actual facts and have given severe headaches to some self proclaimed “techies” who have built empires based on fake news and creating unwanted panic among the public.

Why TecDeTox?

Well, till now all we did was to be entertained and get satifsfied by all these debunking of these fakes. It was all done in comments or posts by individuals in social media. And we saw that some of these were eye openers for people without much exposure to the tech industry. To the simple lies told by salesmen to promote and sell their company’s phones that cause users to pay insane amount of money to buy a phone that is just okay to youtube videos that make people install pointless apps in their phones, we helped many to stay away from all the bullshit that is spread across this space. It is then that we thought, “why not bring ourselves to a bigger platform?”, And that was the foundation of what you are about to see moving forward. And thinking about names, the one thing that got all of our admiration was TecDeTox. What better name can there be for a community that has sworn to clean up all the toxins in the tech news space, right?


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